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Who am I?

I've been a zebra since I was 17. Or rather, I was always a zebra, but my psychologist detected it when I was 17. Today I approach little by little from the thirties (I am 26 years old when I write these lines) and I live in Paris.

I've always been a little confused about what I wanted to do with my life. On the advice of my parents, I therefore turned to an International Business School in Montpellier, after graduation. I really liked having a wide variety of classes that allowed me to understand a little more about the world around me. The atmosphere in the school, on the other hand, was a little less for me. In short, from courses in alternation courses, I find myself today organizing private events for companies and individuals in the Paris region (seminars, evenings, weddings, etc.).

All right, the event isn't necessarily what you think of when you leave business schools. Nevertheless, I love the variety of projects, places and personalities that form my work and my daily life. There is no typical day, and I am absolutely organized as I want. And that's no price for me.

And so, I'm a zebra

As mentioned above, I have been officially a zebra since I was 17. I learned it a little by chance. Indeed, I was followed psychologically for a whole different story. One fine day, talking to my shrink, she explains to me that she is convinced that I am. In the end, we discover that this is the case. Welcome to the HIPPaul.

At the moment, it didn't hurt more than that. I had always been aware deep inside that I thought a lot (and quickly!) and that I had a very developed sensitivity to my school buddies. Now I just had a word to put on it. Okay, so what?

In fact, I think I was so much more busy with my problems at the time, that this high-potential story went over my head. It is only for four or five years now that I feel much better that I have become aware of the phenomenon. And the funniest thing is that I realize with the hindsight that if I had started to focus on the question of high potential, I would have understood the source of my anxieties much faster. Morality: If your shrink discovers a high potential, focus on it. There's a lot to bet your other psychological problems solve at the same time.

AndConnect The DotsIn all this?

So in fact, since I was 17, I've been suffering without knowing it because of a mismanagement of this high potential. Much has been said "Oh, that's great, you're gifted life must be so much simpler!" Well, no. It's not easy to never sleep because the brain does not pause. It's not easy not to be able to focus on what my friends say at the restaurant because I can't not follow the discussions at the nearby tables. It's not easy to feel sad for an apple because it wasn't eaten fast enough and it's lonely, unhappy, rotting. No, it's not simple. I felt assaulted by the outside world and my feelings a good part of my youth. I was way too much in my head.

Since I was 17, so I gradually understood what was going on up there. But above all, I have experienced and found some techniques that allow me today to interpret all this with much more serenity. It is this experience that I wish to share with all the new zebras, who most certainly feel a little lost with themselves. Anyway, I was. So these are the explanations that I would have liked to have, when I was the new boy.

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Ah and then

PS 1 You have certainly noticed the beautiful illustrations on the pages of this blog. They're mine. You will notice, I'm sure, my incredible talent. So thank you for not taking them and taking them from you. I did not want to put watermark over it at the moment with my name in order to keep them intact. Maybe it's a little too naive, the future will tell us.

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