Why would the gifted doubt him?

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Today we are going to talk about the doubt in the Gifted. What makes people with high potential doubt all the time? Why are they like that? Why do they really question all the time? Why do they think too much and think too much? This is the subject of this article.

My name is Paul de Connect The Dots And my high potential was detected more than ten years ago now. Today I share what I have learned to help the new ones.

NB: This article is the transcript of the above video.

Before I started I wanted to show you two quotes that I found on the internet. The first one comes from Alain Leblay. I don't know who it is, but he said, "The doubt is the loneliness of intelligent people. The cons only have certainties." And Aristotle said to him, "The doubt is the beginning of wisdom."

Quote by Aristotle "The doubt is the beginning of wisdom"

Why did I put this on you? Because by reading these two quotations one can understand that doubt is the proper one of intelligence. So it's normal, at this level, that the gifted question all the time. They are very intelligent beings. So it would be normal, according to them, that they doubt everything, all the time, that they tend to always put all things into perspective and reflect for a long time on the same problem. Because they doubt solutions.

Where does the doubt of the gifted come from?

The real subject of this article is where does the doubt of the gifted come from? Because of what? What makes the gifted doubt all the time and everything? It's nice to say it's just because he's smart. But what's going on behind it? So I found two hypotheses.

Why the HIP Doubtful?

1. The complicated childhood of the gifted

The first hypothesis is his story. The story of the gifted in the sense of his childhood, his past. What's happened is that it's someone who's been out of touch since childhood. Ever since he was a kid, HIP Feels different. He knows he's different. The HIP is alone. He wonders about the world in a somewhat special way compared to his comrades. In fact the gifted one sees that he is different. He feels it and therefore wonders about the world in a special way.

But above all, he wonders why others don't ask about the same things he does? Why does he ask himself questions that he considers essential and not others?

In fact, he doubts how he sees the world, and why there is a gap between how he sees it and how others see it. And that, this questioning continues, creates doubt.


In addition to this, it is often said that the gifted, the High Intellectual Potential, loses his naivety very quickly. In fact he doesn't necessarily believe the stories that we tell him because as soon as we tell him something he won't take it for absolute truth. He'll question him and question him. And this way of questioning and always doubting everything, of seeing things as they are, of not necessarily believing everything, we call itExtralucidity. So extra-lucidity I talk about it quite regularly. It still has nothing to do with being Madame Irma. It's actually that we have a brain that analyzes everything (that's what we hear: we think all the time, we question) and at the same time we have a feeling (which is ourhypersensitivity) which is very important. The conjuncture of these two things (our analysis and our feeling) makes us have what is called extralucidity.

In fact we will feel and see things in a certain way, analyze them in a certain way, and not reach the same conclusions as everyone else. So we're gonna get back to doubt and see things as they are. For example, I remember very well when I was little I didn't have the same problems as my classmates.

When we were in primary school I soon realized that my parents were going to die and that I had to find a way if they ever had a car accident the next day. How do I do it? I need financial security. At the primary level, I had already created a first website where I made people vote by text (in the era of paying text) and I made money. Now it gave a blog I've evolved! But I already had this notion that I had to get out alone. When my comrades he played balls and cards I already had a foot in the adult world. I was no longer a child, even though I was in the body of a child. And that's also related to extralucidity.

2. The HIP works differently because of his treelike thought

Second source of the doubt of the gifted: it is his way of functioning. In particular itstree thought. The tree thinking you have certainly seen under the name also of thought in a tree or a different thought. That's the idea. The principle is that a thought, an idea, will lead to many other ideas. And each of these other ideas will bring lots of other ideas, and so on. In fact the gifted think of all these ideas very quickly and practically simultaneously. That's what I tried to represent in this scheme. I don't like the image of the tree too much because, in my opinion, it's not really how it happens, seeing that after a while the tree is supposed to end. We're going back to another idea. But it is rather this kind of spider web where all ideas are interconnected, with links that are made between all.

What happens is that one can start from an idea, go into one of the branches, take a walk, visit other ideas and get back to the basic idea by making this path. So by having a background ideas if you want, other intermediate ideas, thinking about other things to revisit the problem in a different way.

This is what happens with the doubt of the gifted. We're in a situation. Without us doing it on purpose or being able to stop our brains will think of many other things that will make us revisit the same situation in which we are from another angle. And that can cause doubt because we can see a situation going bad.

Typically we go on vacation, it's cool. Then we think we're not going to work anymore, we're going to go to work, we're going to go to work, we're going to go to work, we're going to go to work, we're going to go to work, we're going to go to work, we're going to go to work, we're going to go to work, we're going to go to work, we're going to go to work, we're going to go to work, we're going to go to work, we're going to go to work. With a simple idea that was supposed to be cool we can start to doubt a lot of times on it because our brain has gone in every direction. We see problems, we doubt, we turn the thing around. It creates a lot of doubt.

On what subjects does the gifted doubt?

Now on what subjects doubt the gifted? So there are three, but the first one is the most important.

What makes the gifted doubt?

The High Intellectual Potential doubt about everything

The gifted doubts everything! Everything will cause him to doubt because he cannot stop his brain from thinking, seeing problems and trying to find solutions. So he'll doubt everything.

The Zebra doubts himself

But in addition to doubting everything he will also much doubt about himself. That is to say, he is in constant search of perfection because he loves perfect things, beautiful things. It's related to his hypersensitivity and lack of confidence in him (because he wants people to love him). As a result, he doubts everything he does himself and will always question his behaviour. "Did I do this pretty well? Do I cook for others they like? Even if they said they love, it might mean they're polite and they don't like it. Actually, I ruined the meal. It is all right to doubt. Everything is a motive for devalorizing and lowering oneself. That's really a big doubt in the gifted. He doubts everything about him. He'll question everything. Me for example when I make my videos, so there's the first part (in a few seconds) where you see my head. You can't imagine the doubt I had, and the pain in the ass was the first time. "Is the bottom good? Do I have this? Do I have this? Now I can let go and tell me it's good, but there's always a huge amount of doubt and pain. It's a continuous work on oneself.

The HIP Doubtful of being gifted

And finally the last subject that is unique to the gifted is to doubt their own gift, even doubt that they are High Intellectual Potential. Then there is doubt before passing the IQ test. "Is it worth it? Can I really be? But it doesn't match, I can't be overt. I'm not smart. We come back a little bit to self-doubt. We don't have enough confidence to think that we can be (even if it's not really getting on a pedestal). The gifted one tends to lower and say he's stupid. So we think we're High Intellectual Potential, zebra or gifted is completely unimaginable.

And finally once we have passed the IQ test (which we dared to pass the test!) and the result is positive, that the psychologist really tells us "you are gifted, it is validated", and well there we will still question everything. We're going to question it because we're still not going to believe it and because we're going to think maybe it's the psychologist who got wrong, that there was a mistake in the calculation, I got a kick, I don't know what. We'll even doubt that we're High Intellectual Potential. So no matter what happens, we will doubt all the subjects, ourselves, and our characteristics that are part of us (among other things the High Intellectual Potential).

If you want to go deeper and ask yourself questions about your High Intellectual Potential, don't hesitate to sign up for my free mini training above. I will gladly answer your questions. See you!

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